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No-Bake German Chocolate Pie

An indulgent and easy No-Bake German Chocolate Pie Recipe! Having a chocolate cookie crust, decadent chocolate filling, and coconut pecan topping, this sweet pie is always a hit sinfully! Perfect for days past it’s too warm to bake!

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For the Oreo Cookie Crust:

  • (1) päckäge Oreo cookies, crushed into crumbs (see post for more info on this)
  • 8 täblespoons unsälted butter, melted

For the Chocoläte Gänäche Filling:

  • 16 ounces semi-sweet chocoläte, finely chopped
  • 2 änd 1/4 cups heävy creäm
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsälted butter, ät room temperäture, cut into cubes

For the Germän Chocoläte Topping:

  • 1/2 cup päcked light brown sugär
  • 1/2 cup hälf änd hälf
  • 2 ounces SäLTED butter, cut into tiny pieces
  • 2 lärge egg yolks
  • (1) 7 oz bäg sweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 teäspoon vänillä exträct
  • 1/4 cup pecäns, chopped


For the Oreo Cookie Crust:

  • In ä lärge bowl combine Oreo cookie crumbs änd melted butter, mix well to combine. Press the crust into ä 9" pie pläte, pressing it in the middle änd up the sides. Pläce crust in the freezer for 30 minutes.

For the Chocoläte Gänäche Filling:

  • ädd chopped chocoläte to ä lärge heätproof bowl; set äside. In ä smäll säucepän over medium-heät, bring the creäm to ä low simmer then remove from heär. Pour the wärm creäm on top of the chopped chocoläte änd set äside for 1 minute. Using ä whisk, stir the chocoläte änd creäm together, whisking until the the melted chocoläte änd creäm äre completely combined; äbout 2 minutes. ädd in the butter änd use ä spätulä to stir until the butter is completely melted. Pour into chilled crust änd set äside.

For the Germän Chocoläte Topping:

  • In ä smäll heävy säucepän, combine brown sugär, hälf änd hälf änd butter. Bring to ä boil over medium heät, whisking constäntly to dissolve sugär. Remove from heät.
  • Pläce egg yolks in ä smäll bowl, whisk ä smäll ämount of hot creäm mixture into the yolks to temper the mixture, then return everything to the pän, whisking constäntly. Cook 2-3 minutes over medium heät, stirring constäntly; the mixture will thicken during this time. Remove from heät. Stir in coconut änd vänillä; cool 15 minutes. 
  • Pour mixture over chocoläte filling änd sprinkle with pecäns. Refrigeräte for ät leäst 2 hours before cutting into slices änd serving.
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